QR Reader Java

Kaywa Reader


Kaywa Reader offers a PC download for a reader, and says, “just point your mobile to this page:” It will check if your phone is compatible with its QR Reader software . . . ” Pretty simple.


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Upcode™ is used successfully on about 700 phone models, including: Symbian, UIQ, windows mobile, Iphone, Blackberry, Android and Java. Upcode™ seems like a very conscientious company, and would like feedback how you enjoyed the Reader!



In response to™’s inquiry, CEO & President Mr. Mendy Mendelson confirms that i-Nigma is ideal for use on Java and Symbian platforms. In his words, “In these 2 platforms, we believe i-nigma is the best reader by far.” It is reassuring to know the CEO is involved and cares about his product!