Auto Identify Your Phone

These links should access a QR code reader to let you know if your phone is compatible.



Quickmark feature a QR Code reader not just for iPhone, but for Android and Windows. Also, it offers developers the SDK, or Software Development Kit, to play with barcode software while the camera is taken care of, and license Quickmark’s software. This is the post which links directly to the download mechanism.

Kaywa Reader


This is the linke which will scan your smartphone automatically to let you know is it supported by Kaywa Reader. If it is, Kaywa Reader will download automatically! Kaywa Reader offers a PC download for a reader, and says, “just point your mobile to this page:” It will check if your phone is compatible […]



SnapMaze is a QR code reader which support certain models of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Motorola. You may download a test version of the software by clicking here. Phone requirements : J2ME MIDP 2.0 , CLDC 1.1.



i-nigma will auto-identfy your mobile device, to see if its reader supports it – just click this link while on your mobile! Inigma has posted a Terms of Use you must agree to, before you install the software. states it supports “more than 600 mobile phones, across all leading mobile operating systems platforms.”